Thumb Through Ear
Magic Trick

A thumb through ear sounds like it could be a bit gross, but it is a very deceptive magic trick which you can perform at the drop of a hat. You could perform it at Halloween when these types of tricks are at their most powerful. We all like to see a body part out of place and this trick is perfect for such occasions.

So let us get our thumbs ready and watch the video below explaining how you can make your thumb look like it has gone through your ear.

Thumb Through Ear tutorial

So now you have watched the video, you can see it is more of a manipulation technique involving your thumb and your fingers.

Thumb Through Ear

So you pinch the top of your ear between your thumb and your forefinger and pull out and then down.  You then grab the bottom of your ear with your forefinger and pull it into your hand. Then wiggle your thumb and it looks like you have pushed your thumb right through your ear. It looks brilliant and a little gross at the same time.

One other tip is not to do it in their line of sight. Turn your head away from the spectators and perform the move, then turn your head back wiggling the thumb for more effect. Then once they have been grossed out, turn your head away again and release the ear from the position.

Thumb Through Ear

It is better to keep your thumb near your ear, once your head has turned back enough you push your thumb to your cheek to make it look like you have pushed it right through your ear. More grossed out spectators.

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Remember to also comment below how well you performed this trick.

Our thanks to for showing us this cool and gross trick. It is brilliant to perform.

Remember to practice practice and then practice some more until you can perform it perfectly.  One more tip is to practice the trick in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself perform, and can judge your angles more accurately.

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