Torn and Restored Card Trick Revealed

In any repertoire of tricks, the Torn and Restored card trick is up there with the best tricks in the world. To destroy something only to restore it is excellent and will give you something to wow an audience. So what do you need to make this trick work?

You will need a volunteer, a deck of cards and a marker pen like a sharpie or a pen that will boldly mark the deck so it does not look like you have produced a duplicate card.

You have to get a volunteer to select a card and then for them to sign it across the face of the card. You then appear to rip the card into four pieces, only to wholly restore their signed card and give it to them as a souvenir. It does require you to destroy cards but it is worth it and you can always buy another deck just for tricks like this.

I would like to thank TagsMagic for sharing this cool trick that does take a little practice to master. You are also able to follow him via his Twitter page.  His explaining, however, is as brilliant as always so let us watch the video before for the performance (which is a little out of view but will show you how to perform this little miracle).

Torn and Restored Card Trick Recap

So did you guess the secret of the Torn and Restored Card Trick?

You fold two cards and only rip one of them. You hide what you are doing with your hands by manipulation. It is a great idea and will work well in close up situations like bars and clubs or even restaurants.

The secret is shown in the video but you can clearly see by pushing the signed card to one side, the card that gets ripped is the decoy card you had placed onto the signed card.

You will have to learn the double lift which we can show you how to do correctly here on our double lift tutorial page.

Remember to practice in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself perform and judge your angles more accurately.  You can also practice palming the four quarters of the decoy card in your hand so it will not be seen by the audience.

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