David Blaine's Two Card Monte (Tutorial)

David Blaine is Famous for his Two Card Monte Card Trick

We will show you how to perform the Two Card Monte, which is a fabulous trick.  

Whenever the trick is performed, it has the power to enthral and captivate an audience.

Firstly we will show you how it works. Below is the video of David Blaine performing the card trick to a number of people.  You will see how effective the trick is. It is very easy to fool people when performing this trick.

The Kicker at the end is fantastic. Watch the video now and scroll down further to see the tutorial by Jarek 1:20 with a brief explanation.

This is a great trick to learn and here we will show you how to perform it.. All you need to learn is the double lift as a basis.. what you actually do is turn over three cards, not two.. but this is a start to help you learn the move that is required.

David Blaine's Two Card Monte (Tutorial)

You will also need to learn the top change. It is quite simple to learn and Jarek will show you how to perform this in the video below.

You need two Queens and two Aces.  You have to make sure the Aces are one colour and the Queens a different colour.  If the Aces are red the Queens must be black (or vice versa).

As Jarek will show you below in the video, the secret is in a couple of slick moves which David Blaine is famous for.

David Blaine's Two Card Monte

So to recap...

The setup is red ace, black queen, black queen and red ace. You can do this under the guise of looking for a particular card.

David Blaine's Two Card Monte (Tutorial)

You create a break under the top four cards, then slide off the top card which is a red ace and give it to the spectator.  You then triple lift the three cards to show the other red ace..  After this has been accomplished, you then flip them back over so you can take the black queen and swap the red ace the spectator is holding for the black queen.

You then perform a top change where the red ace in your hand is switched with the remaining black queen on the top of the deck. You do this by sliding out the black queen slightly on top of the deck and feeling the red ace underneath at the same time taking the black queen leaving the red ace behind.

All that is left to do is to let the spectator reveal two totally different cards.

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