THE TALLY-HO VIPER FAN BACK playing cards sell for around $11.00. It is around the price of many decks so you are not being ripped off in this regard.

I love this deck of cards; these are big boy cards, buffed metallic silver finish, reversed image, from Ellusionist.


The technologically advanced air cushion finish makes these cards handle like silk.   

Fanning, spreading and faroing is easy with this deck, and it scores 10/10.

If you are keen on "xcm" or just standard flourishing, then this is the deck for you. It does the work you require it to do incredibly.  The standard it has set will not be matched in my opinion.

Again I stress it is perfect for the flourisher to create superb flourishes and fans. People will look at you and applaud the work of your hands.

Look of the Deck

The tuck box has a silver metallic look with black borders.

The front of the box has TALLY-HO viper ultimate card handling written in the middle.  A. DOUGHERTY is written on the top part of the box and Playing cards at the bottom.

One side has The U.S. Playing Cards Co. Cincinnati, Ohio 45212 written on it. The other side has UV500 air-flow finish made in U.S.A.

Viper Fan Back Deck

The bottom of the box has a bar code reveal and the Ellusionist logo.

The top of the box has another reveal. The back of the box has a really cool design, you have to see it to believe it; it is very cool. The Ace of Spades is a work of art - it is awesome!!

The Jokers are the TALLY-HO guy with a top hat in his hand and a whip in the other. This is what you would expect for a Tally ho designed and made card.  Joker is written at the top left and bottom right and TALLY-HO is written at the top right and bottom left.  They are very cool.

All pips are silver on a black background. The deck comes with two jokers and two Ellusionist advert cards. Like I said...I LOVE THIS DECK. It is brilliant!! If you only have one deck to perform magic with, THIS IS IT!!

Overall look of the deck 9/10.

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