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easy magic trick
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Easy Magic Trick to learn using a deck of cards, Anyone can do this trick and blow away the mind of your spectator.

Everyone who wants to learn magic has to start somewhere and this trick is very simple and easy to do. It requires one deck of cards and uses a very simple way of revealing a card.

Its all to do with a principle of mathematics which is something every magician will learn whilst they are learning how to perform magic,

So lets watch the video below and see how to do this really easy and simple magic trick.

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Easy Magic Trick Revealed

5 of clubs
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So the setup of this trick. You need a deck of cards and you need to remember the tenth card from the top. Lets say its the 5 of clubs..

So turn the pack face up and count through to the tenth card. Remember this card. (5 of clubs)

Now you are ready to perform this trick,

Ask your spectator to pick a number between 10-20 (they will need to pick a number 11-19 for the trick to work)

Then deal down that number of cards ( Lets say 16 for this example)

Once you have dealt out the number of cards to put the remainder cards to one side and pick up the smaller deck of cards.

You then the the spectator that you need to randomise the number again so you add the first digit and the second digit of their number together, so for 16 you add 1 and 6 together to make 7.

Now deal down to that seventh card and let the spectator pick up that card.

Tell them to memorise it and put it back into the deck so you can see it.

Now you know what the card is already and do some performance like you are reading their mind and tell them its a black card, its a low number, its a club, its the 5 of clubs.. 

Now take your applaud and walk away knowing they will be wondering how you do that.

Please comment below on how you like this trick and how you could do it a bit better with your own take on the trick.

Please visit our other pages to learn great cool magic that you can enjoy and learn, 

And remember to Practice Practice and Practice until it is perfect.

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What an amazing Trick 
Really enjoyed learning this card trick. The method is so simple and i learnt it in a few minutes. Now i must practice the trick until i can do it perfectly …

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