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We can teach you many free coin tricks on this site.  Some of the most fascinating tricks and illusions can be performed using coins, which are items that many people find in their pockets.

Coin magic is a general term for illusions that use coins of any currency that can be manipulated to deceive and confuse the public.

Because coins are small, it is seen as very close-up magic or table magic, so the public should be close to the performer to see the effect.

Coin magic is impromptu magic that can especially be used on the street or amongst a group of people can be performed with a simple object such as a coin. Whatever the size of coin you have rattling in your pocket, there is a trick you can perform easily. 

It can form the basis of some fascinating routines. You will find some great coin tricks and illusions below.

A list of Free Coin Tricks

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Pencil Tap Coin Vanish 

A great effect where you tap a small coin with a pencil and it just disappears in front of the audience

Coin Roll Magic Trick

With all magic coin tricks we all have to start somewhere and what better way to start is by learning the Coin Roll Magic Trick.

Coin Rub Vanish

A very quick and simple coin vanish from right under the spectator's nose. Powerful and effective for table magic

Tenkai Coin Tutorial

Watch the videos here to learn a great technique of coin and card magic that will help with any coins across magic trick.

French Drop Utility Move

The French Drop is a Utility move designed to fool the spectator into not knowing which hand the coin is in..which you will use in many coin effects or tricks

Classic Palm Coin Move

Learning the classic palm technique makes coin tricks much easier to master, as it is a very easy way to fool your audience.

Thumb Palm Vanish Technique

Why not go over the thumb palm, it is another wonderful coin concealment.

Coin Vanish and Production

To Create a Coin Vanish and Production trick you need to learn the art of pinching a coin, movement of hands and to learn your angles.

Coin Through Hand

The Coin Through Hand is a basic trick where the spectator watches you push a coin through the back of your hand and the coin falls onto the table.

Signed Coin Through Glass trick

The Signed Coin Through Glass trick has been a staple in many street magic or coin magic repertoires for years.

Coin Through Mint Box 

The Coin Through Mint Box is a fantastic trick to learn and is a bit of a gimmick trick. It is something you can do if you carry the Tic Tac box around with you.

Hang Coins in Air

Hang Coins in Air is a practical magic trick where it looks like the coin becomes invisible and placed in mid-air then when ready you retrieve it and it changes from invisible to visible.

Coin Fold

Make a coin disappear from a folded piece of paper.

Piggy Bag by Jay Sankey 

Piggy Bag Coin trick is an amazing effect created by Jay Sankey who released it on YouTube so we can all learn it for free. I wanted to share the trick with you as it can be performed impromptu, at a moment's notice if you have one of those zip fastening food bags.

Note through Note trick

Visually penetrate a note through another note to fool everyone who watches you perform it. Learn it here

Easy Coin Trick vanish

Learn to make a coin vanish from a piece of paper.

Easy Coin Trick

Learn a cool coin trick

More Free Coin Tricks coming soon!!

Coin magic is generally considered harder to master than other techniques for close-up.  Unlike card magic, coin magic is one form of trick that is not performed very often.

Bebo Coin Magic and free coin tricks

Free coin tricks require great skill and grace to perform convincingly, and it takes much practice to acquire. Great names in coin magic are J B Bobo, Dai Vernon and Jay Sankey.

With palming, switching and other methods, coin magic will be insightful and worth learning about. 

Coin and wand Free Coin Trick

There are many books on the subject out there and we will be bringing you these tricks as soon as possible.

If you are a great coin magician, we would love to hear from you. We want your magic. If you are willing to help other magicians to improve in the art of magic then please contact on our contact us page.

But for now enjoy the many other free magic tricks on this website.

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