Coin Rub Vanish
Free Coin Trick

Coin Rub Vanish is a great impromptu free coin trick you can do anywhere you have a table to perform on.

You can use any size coin but in my experience the bigger the coin, the better the grip you have to move the coin in your hand.

You need to position the coin roughly a full length of your hand and a half hand from the edge of any working surface.

It is all in the action within the trick. It is very simple to master but as always you practice this trick until you get a feel of what is needed to slide the coin down your hand, then under your wrist.

Coin Rub Vanish Technique

The technique to moving the coin is in the circular motions of your hand, try to touch the coin as the hand is moving backwards in the circle.

Coin Rub Vanish

Then lift your hand slightly as you bring the hand forward so you do not touch the coin..

If you do it, it will basically end up back in the same position and you will never get it to the end of the table.

But with trial and error and plenty of practice, you will get there in the end.

As the the coin moves backwards, try to get it in position so it is hidden underneath your wrist, this is the best position to be in as you want to use the wrist to lap the coin.

Lapping or "to lap" is a term magicians use to explain where an object is moved to your lap.

It may be worth putting a blanket or cushion on your lap as a precaution.

Now to show the hand empty; lift up your hand slowly but not too high that your wrist loses contact with the coin.

Gently pull back and this will pull the coin towards you and it will end up in your lap.

To your audience the coin has vanished!!

Let us watch the video below for more information and performance tips.

As I said it is a great trick and worth learning for those times you are sat at a dinner table and want to perform a quick trick.

To make it better why not get a mat and position another coin of the same value under it so it looks like the coin has melted through the mat!! It is a trick you will use again and again.

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