Easy Magic Trick

This is an easy magic trick to learn using a deck of cards; anyone can perform this trick and captivate and enthral your spectator.

Everyone who wants to learn magic has to start somewhere and this trick is very simple and easy to perform. It requires one deck of cards and uses a very simple method of revealing a card.

It is all to do with a principle of mathematics which is something every magician will learn whilst they are learning how to perform magic.

So let us watch the video below and see how to perform this really easy and simple magic trick.

Easy Magic Trick Revealed

To setup this trick, you will need a deck of cards and it is necessary to remember the tenth card from the top. Let us say it is the 5 of clubs.

Turn the pack face up and count through to the tenth card, which you should remember. (5 of clubs).

easy magic trick

You are now ready to perform this trick.

Ask your spectator to pick a number between 10 and 20 (they will need to pick a number between 11 and 19 for the trick to work).

You should then deal down that number of cards (let us say 16 for this example).

Once you have dealt out the correct number of cards put the remaining cards to one side and pick up the smaller deck of cards.

You then tell the spectator that you need to randomise the number again so you add the first digit and the second digit of their number together.  For example, if the number was 16, you add 1 and 6 together to make 7.

5 of clubs

Now deal down to the seventh card and let the spectator pick up that card.

Tell them to memorise it and put it back into the deck so that you can see it.

You know what their card is already, but give the impression you are reading their mind and tell them it is a black card, it is a low number, it is a club, it is the 5 of clubs.

Now take your applause and walk away knowing they will be wondering how you achieved that.

Please comment below giving your opinion about the trick and how you could perform it better with your own take on it.

Remember to practice, practice and practice until it is perfect.  You should even practice in front of a mirror so that you can watch yourself perform and judge your angles more accurately.

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