Card to Mouth
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Card to mouth magic trick. Perform a cool magic trick where a signed card ends up in your mouth.  This trick will blow away your spectator.

One trick David Blaine is famous for is the card to mouth trick where a signed card ends up in the mouth of the magician. 

It is a wonderful display of magic and if performed correctly will establish you as a great magician. It is a very easy trick to perform but does need some preparation with learning how to fold a card behind your back.

What you will need is a deck of cards and a marker pen. You will need to learn a few sleights too, but it is nothing that will take too long to master.

We have a short video below on how to do the trick which we hope you will like. Once you have watched the video we will go through the motions below and hopefully at the end of reading this you will be able to perform it at the drop of a hat.

Card to mouth revealed

So you have now watched the video and it is very explanatory on how to do the trick.

Get the spectator to select a card of their choosing, then ask them to sign the card with their name. (you could also ask them to put their phone number on it too :)

Card to mouth

Now get them to put the card on to the top of a pile of cards you have cut to, then use the pinky break to help you get to their card ready for the sleight. 

Now behind your back you fold the card quickly but folding it twice length ways then fold it width ways so it is now a small packet.

Now hide this package behind the deck as you know show different cards to the spectator asking them to tell you if this was their card. Also bring the cards to the mouth and blow a few times whilst changing the card so it does not look suspicious when you load the card into your mouth. 

Once you have loaded the card into your mouth you can then show them a few more cards until you give up then push the card out of your mouth to show them their card.

Then bow to the applause you will get for this great trick.

Practice it a few times until you get it right.

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