Coin Vanish and Production

To Create a Coin Vanish and Production trick you will need to learn the art of pinching a coin, movement of hands and to learn your angles.  Once mastered, it will be a great trick to add to your repertoire that will enthral and captivate your audience.

Below is a video of the perfect coin vanish which will take plenty of practice to perform properly. The art is in hiding the coin from the angles where it will be seen. If it is seen, we call it a flash.

The art in this trick is not flashing the coin.

So let us watch the video together and learn how to vanish a coin and make it reappear.

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Coin Vanish and Production recap

So as you can see it is a very neat trick but will take plenty of practice to master.

Coin Pinch Free Coin Magic

You need to practice this in front of a mirror before you perform it in front of an audience. It is a difficult thing to learn and once you have mastered it you will find you will fail straight after so keep doing it until your fingers and hands can do it with your eyes closed.

So a few points to learn.

  • After clipping the coin into the thumb palm separate both your hands before the transfer. (watch the comparisons on the video)
  • The coin should not be seen when pinched by the middle and index finger. It should be pinched about halfway so the coin is hidden by the skin.
  • The hand that is clipping the coin must be opened behind the other hand to prevent the coin from being flashed in that position.
  • It is better to perform this vanish and production at face level for optimum angle proofing and to minimize any flashing of the coin.
  • The index finger is the only finger that flicks. Only flick once. More will look suspicious!

There are two ways of picking up the coin from behind your fingers:-

  • The first way is to grab the coin from behind using your thumb to drag it into the other hand.
  • The second way is to drop the coin into the palm or toss it into your hand which puts you in danger of flashing the coin. This is the advanced way of producing the coin.

And there you have it. A fantastic coin trick to learn and enjoy performing. If you have any questions or comments about this coin vanish and production trick then put them in the comments box below.

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