The Art of Card Flourishes

Cardistry is a non magic way of juggling cards,

The art of Card Flourishes are an old time way of mixing cards in a spectacular way which involves cutting the deck, flipping cards, twisting and manipulating the cards in a fashionable way. Its a way of people showing their manual dexterity of working with a deck of cards.

Through the series of pages listed below are different Grips, Techniques and Complete flourish routines you can learn and adapt for yourself. Some will be hard and will take patience to learn.

Others are techniques to help you develop your own style and skill. Take your time, practice and eventually you can become an expert in Card Flourishes yourself.

Below is a few videos and explanations on how to perform card flourishes from the basics to the advance ways of performing Card-istry.

The Charlier Cut (or pass) 

Card Spin

Scissors Cut 

Sybil Cut / Dynamo Shuffle

The 3 Week Diet

Cardistry is an art form
in itself

Card Flourishing stems from the early days of magicians incorporating flourishes into the tricks but in later years has become separated from the magic community.

Many card flourishers are not magicians and have been trying to move this hobby away from the magic fraternity. Its a hobby thats been taken up by youngsters up to the latter 20 year olds.

Many card flourishers have been pushing to liberate the notion that all card flourishers are magicians. But this has been hard as many magicians still practice the art to give their card magic that 'WOW' factor. 

Many Magic tricks do involve the manipulation of the hands and magicians use flourishes as a way of maintaining their dexterity.

 Terminology to get you started

  • Grip - Its a word that describes a way the deck is held within the hands.
  • An Opener - When you start or open a flourish this is the way to grip or hold the deck of cards
  • Packet - An amount of cards (or pile) that is separate from the deck, the deck can also mean packet.
  • A Cut - Any move the makes a packet into two piles, it normally means to switch or re- arrange the position of two or three packets of cards.
  • Display - Basiclally its display a deck of cards, either in a fan or as a packet.
  • Closer - The final ways of holding or gripping the deck or a simple move to close of end the flourish.

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